Here are some things that a good Everything Editor should do:

1. Node. Not constantly. Not 50 writeups a day. But contribution to the database is important.
2. Vote. Everyone else gets to vote -- editors should make their voices heard this way, too.
3. Help out the newbies. This place is weird and confusing if you've just discovered it. An editor should be able to answer most questions and provide helpful pointers to smooth the newbie's way.
4. Ching! cool writeups. Well, almost everyone gets to do this anyway, and editors should keep an eye out for notable writeups.
5. Pick some Cool Nodes for the Page of Cool. Only editors can designate Cool Nodes, which are the creme de la creme of coolness. Editors can pick as many Cool Nodes as they want -- 20 a day, one a week, all that matters is that they be, in the editor's opinion, even cooler than the typical Ching!ed writeup.
6. Encourage good work. If an editor (or anyone else, for that matter) finds a writeup they particularly like that has already been Ching!ed, they should feel free to /msg the noder and tell 'em they did a good job. Everyone enjoys an occasional pat on the back.
7. Serve as an inspiration. The job title itself puts ya above the rabble: you're an Editor, possessed of superior writing skills, a cool, level head, and a desire to see Everything prosper and grow. People expect to see good stuff in an editor's writeup, and it's not nice to disappoint the fans too often. That doesn't mean that all the editor's writeups should be lengthy, brilliant, and non-controversial -- Everything is supposed to be fun for everyone, and there's nothing wrong with an editor tossing off a few one-liners and rants when the need arises.
8. Weed out the bad writeups. Sometimes, this is as easy as sending a /msg to a noder pointing out a misspelling or requesting a fix. But sometimes, it requires killing a writeup. There's a lot of crap and NFN out there that cries out for a strong editor to nuke it 'til it glows. You should feel no guilt about this -- you wouldn't have been given the power if bones and nate doubted your ability to execute good judgment. If you have doubts about whether a writeup should be nuked, ask the advice of a fellow editor or ask one of the Gods if they can correct the writeup.

Now here are some things that are not part of the Everything Editor's job:

A. You don't have to kill a writeup just because someone else doesn't like it. Use your best judgment -- if it's completely useless and contentless, feel free to give it a toss, but don't yank a node just because one person complains. Some folks'll bitch about every little thing.
B. Don't let a non-editor tell you how to do your job. Feel free to accept advice and suggestions, but you were chosen as the editor, not that Level 4 busybody who keeps pestering you about what to Cool and what to nuke.
C. Don't stifle your opinion. There are noders out there who will complain if an editor expresses an opinion contrary to their own. "You're setting a bad example!" they will whine. "Why did they ever make you an editor?" they will pout. Listen to this carefully: Fuck 'em. They're trying to control you and get you to quit noding your opinions. Editors are not selected on the basis of their political beliefs. You're just as permitted to express your opinions as anyone else on Everything. Don't back off from controversy if it's what you enjoy.
D. Don't try to be perfect. You aren't, and you can't be. You'll make noding and editing mistakes, whether that means accidentally Cooling a node, accidentally nuking a writeup (if you do, hit the "Back" button, cut-and-paste the original writeup, and e-mail the noder or bones, if you can't find their address, explaining the accident and offering the cut-and-paste of the original writeup), or getting into drunken arguments with other noders. It's no big thang. Someday, you'll look back at it and laugh.
E. Don't expect Everything to behave. Horrible nodes will get voted into the stratosphere. Brilliant writeups will get no votes at all. Talented writers will get bored and move on. Potty-mouthed junior high kids will stay around for months. Even as an editor, you will be largely unable to affect the future evolution of Everything. Don't get discouraged. You may not be able to mold Everything exactly the way you want to, but you can make some difference, and what you're doing is important. Someday, that junior high kid is gonna write a novel, and he'll credit Everything, along with your patience and advice, with helping him develop his chops...

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