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Cut-and-paste is used to indicate that something is not original and has been copied from source A to be used on B. There are shortcuts for these common tasks, such as CTRL-X for cut and CTRL-V for paste on Windows-based machines. For example, the following was cut and pasted from Wikipedia.

Cut and paste or copy-paste may refer to:

  • Cut, copy, and paste, a method for digital transfer of text or other data in computing
  • Cut and paste job, a quick combination of pieces of text to form a work
  • Cut & Paste, a 1984 word processor from Electronic Arts
  • Cut and Paste, a 2006 Egyptian film
  • Copy & Paste, a repackaged version of Hurricane Venus by South Korean artist BoA
  • "Copy, Paste", a song by American rapper Diggy Simmons

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