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Preface to the Everything2 Edition

The Art Of Insulting is an essay that I had written originally as part of my world acclaimed Online Insulting Course. Everything2 is a community whose insulting skills as a whole are rather underdeveloped. Aside from several skilled noders, and a few well-placed softlinks, I found the level of insulting here to be rather low. So I noded the essay, in its entirety.

You must remember the following sentence, which somebody clever once said, "Practice makes perfect". You MUST practice insulting in order to become adept at it, like anything else. Everything is a tough place to practice it, but there are several things I urge you to try:

  • nate and dem_bones are used to being /msged by random people. When you want to try a new insulting technique, try it on one of them. They will be happy to see you trying new things. For starters, cut-and-paste the following sentence into the chatterbox and press talk:
       /msg dem_bones hi bones! I notice that your website has very few pictures 
       of your mother being fucked up the ass. If you need some more, /msg me.

    See, you feel better already.

  • Other good people to /msg: dannye, ideath, yossarian and bozon all love a good laugh, as do most other gods and editors.

  • Don't restrict yourself to E2. Practice at home and at work too. Your parents should love to help you out.

Another feature of this essay which is not found in other versions is the FAQ. Feel free to ask me questions.

This essay is brought to you by Footprints - working towards a worse tomorrow.

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