Found poetry? It’s all found poetry, isn’t it?

Here are three I “found” in this thing you call the catbox.

And yes, they're mostly about sex, but then we take our material as we find it, don't we?


poetry is for perverts and Italians, but
Everybody loves poetry
if it's all lesbionic and stuff

tits --
boobies --
sex in public?

with an all-girl punk band or something
you could just hear heavy breathing
and wet slapping sounds,

who cares what a woman's face looks like?
that's not the important part

Oops. Sorry. I'm ashamed of myself.
So unladylike.

Wait. I'm not a lady. Never mind.

What's a hoegaarden? Is it like a German brothel?

I'm willing to pay.

In a rope-and-secret-room kind of way . . .

Chicks in heels. I like it when they stumble around

like they've got vertigo.

I left my pole-dancing shoes in a Romanian brothel

your shoes might have made the same steps

In these shoes? I don't think so.
Let's do it here.

My brothel serves mind-blowing orgasms that will render your mind in twain . . .

I just love to watch you strut. I wonder if I'm some sort of freak.

Hey, we prefer the "universal tongue"
tho there's not a lot of demand for it.

I asked for it last time.

Naughty. Naughty. Naughty.

A $4300 hooker better have a flexible mouth.

Put a dollar in the kitty.


apples to sabotage
Sabotage? Really?
you have no idea I can lie.

here we are naught but her actions
I thought it was like that, til I felt her ire
God, she annoys me

you've led a pretty cushy life, haven't you?
hard times do bad stuff to people
I grew up poor. I find this shit offensive.

suck it up

I'm sort of enjoying your impotent rage

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