The other day I had dinner with fled noders. It didn't dawn on me the idea of having dinner with fled noders till the next day. While Ben and Alex and I have been friends for nearly a decade IRL compliments of school in Cleveland at a local community college where Sarah was also part of the "gang". We were part of the student government and the last year I truly think we spent time, or at least I did, learning how to node, softlink, and hardlink. I still feel like I need a lesson in those areas as I have become a bit rusty over the year. As a matter of fact I'm doubting my pipelinks will work correctly.

As we were sitting there eating the wonderful lasagna LX had made and the company of fone_op and his family I began thinking how time flies. And how even though we were friends in real life everything2 truly did have an impact and created a common bond that we let us link us together - literally. We didn't mention everything2 at anypoint during the evening. But I couldn't help but think everything2 is a family and how it has brought together friends and family members over the years is truly magical. 

Having read The Custodian's daylog from yesterday May 4, 2012 where he wrote "fuck cancer" it truly drug up thoughts of Christine's passing - and that's a feeling that won't go away from a long time when I hear cancer mentioned. On the day of the her memorial I planted some trees in what my father calls "Bill's Corner" on our family Christmas tree farm. I didn't tell my family I was going to plant them as it was sort of something I wanted to do with just me and the shovel; I know my dad would of wanted to help if he knew I was going to be at the farm as it's his haven. I also didn't know tell I told my dad that I did plant the butterfly bush and the reasoning behind it that on May 1st exactly 20 years ago his Uncle Bill died - from throat cancer. I knew the walnut trees were planted when I was a child; was not told they were planted in the same "Bill's Corner" 20 years ago in memorial of Uncle Bill.  

Just another few days that I sit down and just stare off thinking about how everything2 is a family.

Last night the moon was Big.
According to the radio our Moon has an unusual orbit this week and is presently abnormally close.
Hence the size.

This morning I found a half alive butterfly, lying on its back on the sidewalk. It was dark blue, with red flashes. It was flapping its wings in a futile way, unable to obtain flight. Despite some obvious injury it was not yet resigned to failure. If it is possible for small creatures to experience frustration, I was watching it.

None of this has cosmic significance of any kind, but it was an odd way to start a quiet sunny weekend.

Today I made it to the gym for the third time in a row. Woop woop.

Today was also the day where I first got the dragging feet "I don't wanna go to the gym" feeling. Something terrible.

But I fought through it and did a complete workout, including upping my cardio routine by 2 minutes.

I'm told this will make me feel better or something.

So, there's that.

OK, I promise, from now on I'll only log if I *miss* the gym or something unusual happens, unless I'm logging about something else already.

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