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The scope of the e2comix group includes comic books of all types: superhero yarns, the underground press, Japanese manga, and many others. Its members discuss comics both new and old, clue each other in on the latest developments in the industry, announce new comics-related nodes they've created, provide feedback on said nodes, make dumb jokes and generally geek out.

Group members can list any back issues they have available for trade in the collaborative node Bartertown.

Venerable members of this group:

Uberbanana, JD$, Quizro, Jet-Poop, Pseudo_Intellectual, Habakkuk, atesh, Devon, Walter, QXZ, NothingLasts4ever, heyoka, Chris-O, eav, dr worm, Jurph, Vice_hkpnx, disarmed42, Transitional Man, jacob8er, Linca, misuba, Snailgus, kozmund, Rancid_Pickle, Korgath, Sheepzalu, Conventional oven, nicky_d, belgand, bane221, doubleb747, Chainstore, Lord of Nothings, Damodred, Darci, RoguePoet, Sofacoin, in10se, CloudStrife, ckinni, chaotic_poet, rivenwanderer, Darksied, Lord Matthius, dragon rage, louisol, Protective Samurai, yudabioye, nocodeforparanoia, borntoloop, corvus, Oolong@+, lediablerouge
This group of 54 members is led by Uberbanana