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Hello. How are you? Send me a /msg if you want: I have traipsed this website for billions of years, but now basically I keep my writing to myself and my dumb blog. So! for more infoz! (I was an editor here, before I got sick, and all I did was fix your fucking typos and spelling. I deleted maybe twenty nodes. But I offered advice and always will. Expect me to keep doing this forever. Show me love show me love and I'll show you love show you love okay.) And hey, you should get a hold of me by my email address devon dot hart at gmail dot com, or on twitter @dystopiansatire. I still love you all believe it. I still check in I'd say maybe once a month. Do good work, k? K. Seriously k? K.


Virtue is its own reward; alone with its far-flung splendour it mocks at Fortune; no honours raise it higher nor does it seek glory from the mob's applause. External wealth cannot arouse its desires, it asks no praise but makes its boast of self-contained riches, and unmoved by all chances it looks down upon the world from a lofty citadel. Yet in its own despite importunate honours pursue it, and offer themselves unsought; that the lictor coming from the farm hath ofttimes proved and a consul were sought for even at the plough.



I really miss the most of you sometimes. I really need to come back and hang around. This was one of my favourite places on the entire internet for years and years, and even though addictions to things like alcohol and World of Warcraft dampened my enthusiasm for anything text-related, my appetite for writing, telling, and listening to and reading stories never really dwindled. I had an alcohol problem for a while, a massive one that I managed to cleverly hide for a good amount of time. It became insurmountable and then I, uh, surmounted it, I guess? It did cause some trouble with some of my innards but I am not complaining, in fact I appreciate the experience of being healthy all the more for it.

That above is really brief. Seriously: if you need a hand with anything around this site, please let me know. I've editored, mentored, ran all around this ridiculous corner of the internet. If you want any help, I got you. Just be aware that I just bought an ergonomic keyboard and I work second-shift so basically replies take a long time. Not, like, days kind of long. More likes a few hours kind of long.

I'm STILL still here. Listen up, suckers: recently I had a computer die on me, and on it, was a bunch of my own nodes I was reworking (Final Fantasy springs to mind). I still care about this ridiculous corner of the internet, and I'll be back presently. With nodes! I've been blogging like a sucker, when I could be blogging here. On specific topics. And, like, just basically bring everything wikipedia's got over here, and finding cooler things than wikipedia has. There used to be, like, this argument about E2 not being wikipedia. This is true okay, they're not the same and I abuse both for different reasons. I f I want to read some well-written things about people and their lives I come here and I point them in good directions. Also if I want to learn about, say, like the organizational aspects of the Roman military during late antiquity (not that there's much information to be had; all we know for sure, really, is that Stilicho was awesome) I go to the library after hitting up wikipedia. But it's like this: they both have the same sort of addictive quality. They have the click-through problem. You know the click-through problem and I am not talking about click-throughs like when you're wanting to advertise something on a website because I don't know anything about that (totally outside my paradigm, totally outside anything I ever want to know is advertising and I understand it not in any way). You see a link after reading one thing and you move onto the next, which is always rad: it's akin to the onemoreturn feeling you get from playing a video game like Sid Meier's Civilization. Must click one-more-thing!

I'm still here, nancying about my little garden dreaming of writing stuff my momma would be proud of, stirring shit whenever I speak and hoping to God I'm doing something useful or at best vaguely interesting. I still hate some of you and pray for your deaths but honestly? it's mostly love from this guy over here, mostly love from me to you and if you need anything just let me know. I make an awesome gin-and-tonic (with lime or cherries if you hate limes, believe it or not there are those-that-do) and I cook really well if hardpressed, but I really have to be forced.

Talk to me and I'll talk to you, and perhaps I'll tell you a story about jellyfish because I seem to have an abundance of those. Recently I've been just typing out many vignettes from my life, if anything just to have something to write every day because despite how very much I truthfully enjoy it I cannot in good conscience produce blog entries every single day; it seems a little too dorky to me, I suppose, and I never want it to approach a point where my blogs consist of nothing but "So yeah, I went to the doctor this morning! I sat in the office for ten minutes! Then I went into the room! After that, he took my blood pressure! Then he said I'm okay! Herpes spreads slowly! And then I went home! And I ate hamburger helper but there was no hamburger so it was just helper I guess! While I did that I watched an episode of CSI! And it was so touching! Gil let Sarah shave him but it was TV so she used a straight razor and was like, do you trust me? and Gil was like, implicitly or some equally and unfailingly pretentious word!" What I noticed through the daily writing about my life is that some stories are interesting and some aren't, and I'd probably never streamline them in such a way as to make a novel or book out of it, but I do notice that I have a lot of stories about the ocean and about jellyfish. If you are interested in those things or are interested in things I am interested in, or that you think that I could possibly be interested in, do let me know! I like company! I may not check back here for a couple of days now and then, but I always come back.

Any writing you find here is probably in blogs somewhere, and on those blogs they're probably updated more recently. Just saying.

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