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Dream Log: July 13, 2009
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In regards to the tree guardian series, it is a (short?) story set in our future. I'm planning on producing a synopsis node as soon as there are enough chapters to warrant it. I'm enjoying writing it, even if it doesn't get all the positive votes I'm hoping for. The story is worth my time to write it. Also Note: I'm moving right now, so I can't devote much time to writing the story. I've got chapter six started...

Well, I didn't expect people to enjoy hearing about blacksmithing so much! The Project Eratosthenes writeup was actually a learning experience for me, but I probably wouldn't do it the same way again. But, wow! You guys are nice! Lometa, N-Wing, Palpz and WWWWolf gave me C!s, and:

agazade says Ping - vote tag ! Well, normally I offer advice on what could be improved about the nodes I read, but yours are already perfect. Just keep doing what you're doing - please.

(Apatrix and Gritchka are very helpful and encouraging! Jet-Poop has recommended some reading material, so I will read that, and put in writeups when I remember to.)

(garryowen said some very nice things too, but at that time I was still figuring out the checkboxes in the 'Chatterbox', so I can't share them. Thanks to him anyways!!!)

I don't know what to say. 'Perfect' sounds so ethereal. All I really did was read a few things (Node for the Ages and Link and link were interesting and I recommend them to everyone here), and try it out. Actually, Katana started out without any links, but the 'Hints!' that came up after I hit 'thing' let me know what was what. I really appreciate the + votes and friendly comments! I know a few things about grammar and limited amounts about style, and I'm not unfriendly to reading things you write, so tell me about your favorite writeups! Writers freely edit each other's work and freely accept criticisms in my experience.

Here, in full-color textmode glory, is myproject eratosthenesnodespace.

You came all this way to a homenode, you probably want some info about this samurai character! Here's the skinny:

B: 01/23/80
D: hmm.  I can still feel my legs.  Must still be alive!
S: M.

Str: unmeasurable.  That's 'unquantifiable' not 'infinite'.
Chr: limitless.  'limitless' is measured on a daily basis.
Dex: unmeasurable.  No ideas here.
Wis: unmeasurable.  'Reasonably wise' sounds good.
Int: high.  Hubris knocks on my door daily.
Con: unmeasurable.  Moment by moment stillframes tell secrets.

Wgt: 68-72kg.  Not negotiable.
Sgt: 20/30R,20/60L.  20/20 both correctable.
Hgt: 1.77m and stable.
Swd: 0.47m.
Wst: 0.81m and variable.  Thanksgiving works wonders.
Leg: 0.82m and constant.
Fot: 0.24m.
Ear: good.

Loc: right here!
Frq: unstable.

Mus: Tim Hughes, Mercy Me, Kutless, Rob Seay Band.
Vid: The Matrix.
Sng: My December, Beautiful, I'll Always Love You, Homesick,
     Spoken For, Treason, Like Me, Bring Me to Life, The Way to Begin.

The following are all dangerous creatures. Handle with care.

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