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explanation of very old picture :
Early screen shot (March 19, 2000) of Java Chatterbox in action. Note how login isn't supported yet, time stamping wasn't created, URLs weren't converted into ASCII (example: %20 instead of a space), and there was no word-wrapping. The code in the background is for class Message. The numbers in the background are debugging output that show how many milliseconds the get-message thread will wait until it tries to get messages again; the numbers are based on how many new messages there are. (This can still be activated when debug mode is on by typing debug on ThreadIncoming.) If you are interested in writing your own Everything client, see the clientdev usergroup.
features (like eyes, nose, etc.) taken from 3 similar pictures, with each "cut-out" having some image filter done to it

Getting back to E2 after being gone for a bit (mid-July 2008). Ack! So many messages!

What I Do (created February 2006)

I am a site administrator, which for technical reasons is a subset of the Content Editors. However, I do not currently perform editorial duties. My work more involves a little programming and some one-time-glitch fixes.


My Political Leanings (on E2, of course; what else is there?)

  • pro-nodeshell-life (also know as 'pro-e2node-with-no-elements-in-the-group-field', but that is a little verbose)
  • anti-anti-voting (mostly against downvoting; I send a /msg to the author if a writeup is bad)

My Node Code, updated Tuesday, October 22, 2002, with boring commentary. (You can hover the mouse over the letter and rating, if you aren't yet N+.)

Version: 0.1.2
NF/C l+ xp?1 n+ C++++2 H+++3 c+ e++ # d- D-- p++++4 g+5 N++6
Node code notes:
1 XP is meaningless once you're an admin
2 not all changes were good, of course
3 It is rather hard for me to lie about my rating in this category
4 Actually, that is partially wrong; I'm not feared. I should delete more writeups
5 Boston 2002
6 ailie says I should rate 3 plus marks, but she did about 98% of the work on The Node Code, so I shouldn't have the same number of +es that she rates.

Public service announcement:

No, an "N-Wing" is not a Star Wars ship. Try Y-Wing, B-Wing, A-Wing, X-Wing, E-Wing, T-Wing, V-Wing, ....

Some programming languages I know are
    Java (my current favorite)
        Perl (Learning it more deeply, partially with help from Perl Monks)
            C++ (what an icky language, though - it feels so archaic)
                some BASIC flavors: C64, TI-82, VB 3

If you want to contact me, try /msg N-Wing Your message here. from the chatterbox or email me at:
hg7oce402 (AtSign) sneakemail (PeriodOrFullStop) com
Please no large attachments; they'll act like a superball and bounce.

Thou shalt not stop N-Wing from using HTML.

Who wants a postcard from...
Instead of putting a writeup in a GTKY node that will be deleted, my address is here (but no spam or stalking me, or I'll get mad)
      268 St. David Dr.
      Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054-2906

Nodevertising (but that is ok here, in your homenode) - these e2nodes all contain a writeup by me.