In the Star Wars universe, the Y-Wing bomber is used by the Rebels, aka Alliance.

It is slow, but can hold many missiles, and it has strong shields and hull. It also has 2 ion cannons, which are useful for disabling enemy ships of interest.

Usually, the Y-Wings are supported by X-Wings and/or A-Wings. In more recent times, the B-Wing bomber is replacing the Y-Wing.

Designation: BTL-S3 "Y-wing"
Type: Bomber/Fighter
Manufacturer: Koensayr Industries
Length: 16 meters
Height: 2.9 meters
Width: 7.9 meters
Power System: Novaldex power generator, Thiodyne 03-R cryogenic power cells
Propulsion: 2 Koensayr R200 ion jet engines
Engine Length: 9.1 meters
Speed: 80 MGLT (balanced energy configuration)
Acceleration: 11 MGLT/sec
Output: 250 KTU
Repulsorlifts: Koensayr E150-R repulsorlift drive providing airspeed of 1,000 km/h
Flight Control: Subpro NH-7 Avionics
Astrogation: R2 or R4 astromech droid; provides astrogation and can store up to ten sets of jump coordinates
Hyperdrive: Koensayr R300-H hyperdrive unit providing Class One speed
Sensors: 2 Fabritech ANx-y long-range sensor arrays, Fabritech ANs-5d unit, long-range PTDA #PA-9r unit, short-range PTAG #PG-7u unit
Targeting: Fabritech ANc-2.7 tracking computer, SI 5g7 "Quickscan" vector imaging system
Jammer: No
Slave Circuit: No
Instruments: Forward/rear sensors, targeting sight, laser cannon energy display, ion cannon energy display, proton torpedo status, flight recorder, Power Configuration System, Combat Multiview Display, engine power level, speed, throttle, digital clock, lock indicator, hull/shield strength readout, ejection alert
Weapons: 2 Taim and Bak IX4 laser cannons, 2 Arakyd FlexTube proton torpedo launchers, 2 Armek SW-4 ion cannons on rotating turret (alternate configuration may substitute 2 Taim and Bak KX5 laser cannons)
Payload: 8 Krupx MG7-A proton torpedoes, 20 proton bombs
Laser Cannon Range: Up to 25km in space, 2.5km in atmosphere
Ion Cannon Range: Up to 36km in space, 3.6km in atmosphere
Torpedo Range: Up to 7km
Shields: Chempat deflector-shield generator rated at 80 SBD
Hull: Titanium reinforced Alusteel alloy hull rated at 40 RU
Maneuverability: provided by steering plates, disk vectrals, and thruster control jets; rated at 50 DPF
Inertial Compensator: Yes
Price: 135,000 new; 65,000 used

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