In the Star Wars universe, the B-Wing bomber is used by the Rebels, aka Alliance as a replacement for the Y-Wing.

A B-Wing fighter is relatively slow, but can hold many missiles, and it has strong shields and hull. It also has 3 ion cannons, which are useful for disabling enemy ships of interest.

When dogfighting is expected, the B-Wing is usually supported with X-Wings and/or A-Wings.

B-wings are heavy attack fighters, analogous in role to the Imperial Assault Gunboat (not in the films, I'll grant you, but I'm trying to give people a frame of reference. Ever play TIE fighter? Well why not??). They are only lopsided in their folded position. When their S-foils are open, they look completely different, rather like a cross with a blob on the top and a fat pile of engines. For a good picture, see

The B-wing name stands for blade wing (not bomber wing as often thought), referring to its dagger-like appearance. It was commissioned by the rebel alliance to combat the introduction of Nebulon-B frigates by the Empire. The Alliance at this time had no medium cruisers, could not spare the Mon Calimari cruisers from their more pressing front-line duties. Thus a heavy strike fighter, armed with both lasers and ion cannons, as well as a heavy warhead loadout, was designed. However, less favourable to the B-wing is its low speed (comparable to a Y-wing) and its low manouverability. On the other hand, its high levels of shielding and strong hull offset this disadvantage.

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