Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!

Admiral Ackbar was one of the highest ranking members of the Rebellion in the Star Wars universe. He was commander of the fleet in the pivotal Battle of Endor, and he's everyone's favourite talking humanoid squid.


Ackbar hails from the Mon Calamari homeworld, rather unimaginatively named "Mon Calamari". He was a respected member of his people's planetary council, and likely would have remained so had it not been for the advent of the Galactic Empire. When Imperial forces arrived to take control of the planet, they committed large scale massacre and then began transporting the inhabitants off-world as slaves. Since the Mon Cals were a largely peaceful, agricultural species, the Empire assumed that they would be easily dominated. As such they were unprepared when the entire Mon Cal population went into open rebellion, successfully ending the Imperial occupation. Their fleet of gigantic exploration ships were converted into battle cruisers, and after a number of years waging their private war on the Empire, they joined the Rebel Alliance en masse.

Ackbar was among the first to be incarcerated, and subsequently put into slavery. He was given to Grand Moff Tarkin. The ignominy of the situation only served to fuel Ackbar's determination, and he used his time as Tarkin's slave to spy on the Empire's operations. This continued until a Rebel force sent to assassinate the Grand Moff freed him. The assassination mission was a failure, but the information Ackbar passed on proved extremely valuable.

Take evasive action!

Ackbar rejoined the Mon Calamari, and became their leader in their war against the Empire, and later their representative within the Alliance. He was instrumental in bringing the Verpine designs for the B-Wing fighter to the Alliance, earning him a promotion to Admiral from Mon Mothma, who later placed him in command of the campaign to destroy the second Death Star.

After the Alliance won the Battle of Endor, Ackbar initially played a major role in the government of the New Republic, but following his being framed for treason and a few other unpleasant circumstances, scaled back his involvement, eventually retiring completely and returning to his home planet to live out his remaining years.

The Films

Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!

Ackbar's only appearance is in Return of the Jedi, outlining the Endor battle plan to the Alliance troops and then leading the fleet into the fray. He was played by Timothy M. Rice, and despite the large googly-eyed damp fish head, the character is dignified and engenders great respect. He is portrayed as a master tactician; he keeps his cool and reacts quickly and decisively in a crisis.

In short, any time you and your friends need to commit all your resources towards a singular strategy aimed at defeating a tyrannical dictatorship equipped with a galactic doomsday device, Ackbar's your man squid. I'm willing to bet he's got killer dance moves too.

. . .

It's a trap!

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