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Every time it rains, I see proof of elves.
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Also known as moloch36.

I love that I'm getting friend invitations on Facebook from people I know here, but please include a brief note telling me your E2 handle! I probably don't know your real name.

If you need to reach me, your best bet is to email me at I drop in occasionally to check my E2 inbox, but only occasionally.

I respect your commitment to making E2 the best E2 that it can possibly be. That said, I don't have the time or energy to revisit, revise, expand, update, explain, or tweak my old nodes. I appreciate your interest/concern/rage; but I hope you'll understand that I have other things on my plate these days.

My blog: http:/

Derfel just called a Mr. Dickie Peever. What a dirty sounding name!
<Quizro> Dickie Peever is a naughty rapscallion indeed! He's always getting up to bawdy mischief. Let's see what he's done now, shall we?
<Quizro> Oo! It looks like Dirty Dickie is peeping in Mrs. Thomlinson's bedroom window again! What salacious visions must be running through his head? Wup! But here comes MISTER Thomlinson with a frightful glower!
<Quizro> Run, Dickie Peever, run!
Quizro makes his own fun.

"Quizro's like a labyrinth lined with alder trees."
-- bindlenix

"Quizro is...a boardgame for children mass-produced for brainwashing purposes during the Ottoman Empire?"
-- Awestruck Dove

"Quizro is a giant round clown head of elves."
-- Rob's Amazing Poem Generator

"Coming this summer: In a world where 'to push' means 'too far', we thought he had had enough. We were mistaken. Quizro is... ONE NOT ANGRY MAN."
-- Chihuahua Grub

"Nothing personal, but you would not make a good pirate."
-- fuzzy and blue

"A user in abject terror would probably not proceed."
-- software documentation at

"beep beep beep-i-dee beep. beep beep beep-i-dee beep. bippi dip, di dippidy dip. bow wow chickedy zow!"
-- Infinite Burn

"Computer Containment policy SUPER-GROVER! Worldwide no! it's God wait, Secret Gangster."
-- mcc in the grip of the April Fool's Day '02 chatterbox scrambler

"I want to see my name on everybody's homenode."
-- factgirl

Jet-Poop says DAMMIT.