Good Pirate/Bad Pirate is a silly people watching game based on the premise that all people, everywhere, fall into one of two categories:

  • would make a good pirate
  • would make a bad pirate

All pirate stereotypes apply. If you and your friends don't take yourselves too seriously, try playing it amongst yourselves! Bonus points if not everybody's in on the game. Try getting folks to say "Arr me mateys!" or sing "Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest". Extra super bonus points if you can get somebody to don an eye patch. If you can get someone to wear a parrot on their shoulder, you are the Good Pirate/Bad Pirate champion, and I send you all due respect (and a bottle of rum).

That said, it's time for a quick game of Good Pirate/Bad Pirate among my noding pals:

Is the listing getting old yet? I have many more piracy ratings from the Apocalypso Now! Southern California noder gathering and beyond, but I think this writeup is starting to sound like a one-note joke. /msg me if we've met and you absolutely must know what kind of pirate you are. I find this is a game best played in person.

2011.08.17 at 13:38 wertperch says re Good Pirate/Bad Pirate: Christine would say "Good Pirate! Lick that!" and finally I discovered whence it came, you naughty girl! -->

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