Pirates and Sailors is a game that came to me in a dream. A group of teenage boys were playing it in the waiting room of a doctors office. (I might explain what I was doing in the doctors office, but this isn't a dream log.)

At least 2, but the more the better

Something to write on (paper?)
Something to write with (pen?)

The first player writes down 5 words that could be the start of a sentence, and passes the paper to the next player. That person then chooses one of the words and crosses out the other 4 (it is also helpful to circle the chosen word, but in the dream, the crossing out of words was very important). They then write 5 words that could potentially follow the chosen word, and pass the paper to the next person, who chooses one of those 5 and writes 5 more to follow that one, &c. Although not in the dream, any player can also offer a period as an option: (.) This can mark the end of one sentence and the beginning of a new one, or the end of the game. Pretty simple. The game tends to be a lot of work for not a lot of result, so it's best played while doing something else, or if you're feeling bored.

Why "Pirates and Sailors"?
In the dream, some of the boys were "pirates" and wrote nouns, and the others were "sailors" and wrote verbs. Given that there are more parts of speech than just nouns and verbs, the game would be rather unplayable by those rules. Still, I chose to keep the reference in the name.

Sample game:
This is a game played by just qousqous and myself, written on a napkin.

The While Forty-seven In Basements
toads I it cheese Larry
wasn't forgot gorged has bled
evil a very sorry looking
evil his traffic hundreds a
daughter leg own sulking house
offspring brain evil hairbrush gov't
began killed stole whined stared
hastily talking arguing chopping to
suddenly loudly over crudely for
about in and embarrassing again
fish mice the frivolous nothing
meal state odors mother rain
of system -controlled bird beverage
vehicles drugs soap rain nonsense
scheme machine tax system business
(.) of for yesterday changing

While Larry wasn't looking, his own offspring began arguing loudly about the state-controlled nonsense scheme.


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