Lost in the enumerated spiral of the speedometer
Lost in the lines swelling from unity, shooting past
Lost in your own big beautiful eyes in the rearview

Perceptibly fast, perceptibly getting faster
Perceptibly loud, perceptibly getting louder

Vegas may never sleep, but the rest of the state does
They leave all the lights on to guide the am traveler
To stops that have been closed for hours

Faster, and nevermind the fear
Louder, and nevermind your ears

Out of this fucking desert by morning
Can't see all of these colors wash over all of that nothing
Can barely take the infinitely tamer neon skeletons of the night

The faster you drive, the sooner it'll be over
The louder it is, the sooner you'll understand the words

Road hum from the wheels into your hands
The illusion of control
Bass vibrations from the sub into your body
The illusion of escape


Saw the nodeshell and fell in love with its imagery. Don't kill me for the title's length, ok?

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