A truckers atlas is a collection of maps useful to truckers. In the days before GPS and Mapquest, a good atlas was an invaluable tool needed to navigate the highways. CB radio was somewhat useful but was unreliable. Need to get from Hiddenite, North Carolina to Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania? Break out the trusty truckers atlas and up the road you go!

A truckers atlas contains information other atlases don't. It has a section for each state/province listing weight/length limits. Another section lists low weight/clearance bridges and tunnels by state/province. Yet another section is a condensed version of the DOT regulations under which the trucking industry operates.

The maps themselves are slightly different, with approved truck routes highlighted. There are locations of rest areas, as well as the dreaded weigh stations.

A regular highway atlas sells for about $5.95, while a basic truckers atlas goes for around $10.95. A deluxe wire-bound laminated edition sells for around $29.95. They are, as the ads say, available at finer truck stops everywhere. The thrifty driver waits until the new edition comes out and the old editions are sold for half or less.

The most commonly available truckers atlas is published by the fine folks at Rand-McNally.

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