Weekend Sound Track
Saturday Night, 10pm

It's Saturday night. You're bored, inebriated, lost, and aimlessly wandering around the bleak, desolate streets of one of the seedier areas of town, a nearly empty bottle of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. A sudden, frigid gust of wind cuts through your jacket like razor sharp shards of ice, chilling you to the bone. You gulp the last of your wine, pull your jacket tight around you, and toss the empty bottle over your shoulder, smiling as you hear it shatter. A vagabond camped out on the sidewalk, roused from his slumber, looks up at you in contempt as you pass.

you wonder for a moment why you're out here, where you're going.

what does it matter though, really?

you are here, now.

and you need more wine.

you buy another bottle at the corner store head back out into the night.

  1. In Reverse Order by Neotropic
  2. Tourenesol by Radix+Lluvia
  3. I'm Such a Small Thing and the Sky is So Big by Funki Porcini
  4. Spotter by The Weakener
  5. Parhelic Triangle by Autechre
  6. Fuck You DJ by Bogdan Raczynski
  7. Snipers for Biters by Bill Laswell
  8. Pulk-Push Revolving Doors by Radiohead
  9. Miss Modular (remix) by Stereolab
  10. untitled track by Bogdan Raczynski
  11. another untitled track by Bogdan Raczynski
  12. 1624 Try 621 by Reload

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