The long and fruitful partnership between electronic music artists Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton began in 1991, when the group formed Evolution Records (named after a Carl Craig track) to release their techno music. Both artists already had a bit of background in the industry -- Tom Middleton had previously recorded with Aphex Twin and Mark Pritchard was half of the duo Shaft, who had released the track "Roobarb & Custard", a British Top Ten rave hit.

Under the name Reload, the duo released three EPs on their new label in 1992 and 1993: The Reload, The Autoreload and The Biosphere. Although the albums were stongly influenced by the Detroit techno scene, Reload put a brooding and hauntingly dark spin on dance music.

In 1994, Reload gained fame with their groundbreaking first full length release, "A Collection of Short Stories". With tracks that varied from mechanical, chugging percussion reminiscent of Autechre, to more sweeping ambient pieces, "Short Stories" explored the dark side of ambient-techno in a way that no one had before. The album was very well received and placed Reload among other notable artists such as Aphex Twin, Beaumont Hannant, and Autechre as one of the early pioneers of the intellegent dance music genre.

After the release of "A Collection of Short Stories", Mark Prichard and Tom Middleton abandon the name "Reload" and continued their career recording lighter, dreamier music under their most widely know moniker, Global Communication. Refusing to be trapped in one musical style, they also went on to record under other aliases: electro-funk under the name Jedi Knights, progressive house as Link, and jungle as The Chameleon.

Metallica's 7th full-length album, released in 1997. Produced by Bob Rock with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.   It was originally supposed to be released with 1996's Load as a double CD, but they opted to release them seperately instead. The Unforgiven II and The Memory Remains are decent, the rest is pretty much crap.

Track listing:

1) Fuel
2) The Memory Remains
3) Devil's Dance
4) The Unforgiven II
5) Better Than You
6) Slither
7) Carpe Diem Baby
8) Bad Seed
9) Where the Wild Things Are
10) Prince Charming
11) Low Man's Lyric
12) Attitude
13) Fixxxer

To sell a second lot of worthless stock to a previously victimized person, especially by accepting the first lot as payment for the second at a 'liberal' exchange value.

- american underworld dictionary - 1950

Re*load" (r?-l?d"), v. t.

To load again, as a gun.


© Webster 1913.

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