Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who was born in 1940.
He is famous for his rousing voice and his exuberant stage manner.

Tom says he was inspired by the dynamic style of Elvis Presley.

Tom was born with the name Tommy Scott, but changed it in 1962, stating it is "More me".

In the 60's Tom Jones had such hits as "Whats new Pussycat" and his worldwide known hit "Its not Unusual".

Tom moved and became a residence of Las Vegas. He is well know for his performances in Las Vegas.
Over the years Tom has released many new singles and albums.

Can someone do a better writeup for Tom Jones, please?

Tom Jones is also an astronaut who recently went up on the space shuttle (STS-98).

Four days before he lifted off on his mission with his crew, I called his house to ask how the service went on his car. His wife answered the phone and said he wasn't home since he was in quarantine because he was going up in space soon. She then said he wouldn't be back for a month....................

So I thanked her for her time, and went on to the next call.

Tom Jones is an infamous 1749 satiric novel by Henry Fielding about the misadventures of its eponymous foundling hero in his quest to win his beloved and discover his parentage. Condemned in its time as a "motley history of bastardism, fornication, and adultery," the work is recognized today as one of the most ground-breaking and influential of the early English novels. Tom Jones is thought to be the first novel to employ chapters.

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