Defunct experimental band from Brooklyn. Comprised primarily of former NYU students Ben Nitze, Joe Mendelson and Mac Quayle, Rise Robots Rise had a brief run in the early 90s, releasing a handful of records on the TVT label.

If you haven't heard Rise Robots Rise, you've probably heard the Tom Jones cover of their song "If I Only Knew." I cannot possibly explain how or why this happened, and the video for this song somehow manages to make even less sense.

Musically, the group touched on just about every style. The group incoporated so many different elements into their compositions that live shows would see the group grow to up to 12 members.

Rise Robots Rise is no longer with us. The core members of the group have moved on to form Fibre, for reasons unknown. For the record, here's the discography:

Talk Is Cheap/Flowers & Birds (1991)
Rise Robots Rise (1992)
All Sewn Up (1992)
If I Only Knew/All Sewn Up (1992)
Spawn (1993)
The Bottle/Strange Brew (1993)
Circular File (1994)

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