Tiffany Brissette was a child actress whose only role of any import was playing the role of the robot "Vicki" on the television show Small Wonder from 1985 until 1989. Since Vicki was a robot that spoke only in monotone it didn't really involve a whole lot of actual acting, although she did play Vicki's evil twin that had a personality in a few episodes. She apparently had a string of minor television and movie work before doing Small Wonder, but absolutely nothing of consequence, unless you consider doing voice work on The Ewok Adventure to be a big deal. Before any of the acting she did the usual child modeling gigs and such, if you are really interested in that then there are several creepy websites that will tell you all about it in way too much detail.

After Small Wonder Tiffany did a scant few guest television appearances on things like game shows and The 700 Club and such, before going off to Westmont College to major in marriage, I mean psychology. She actually made it through college unmarried, which is actually very strange for the sort of women who go off to Christian colleges and appear on the 700 Club and such. After college she worked as a youth counselor and singer for a Church in San Diego before eventually getting married and moving off to Colorado to become a nurse.

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