Jodie Sweetin was the actress who played "Stephanie Tanner" on the wildly popular sitcom "Full House". She has had a few other minor roles here and there, but Full House is really the only one worth discussing.

Jodie was born on January 19, 1982 in Los Angeles. Her parents got her into acting at an early age. She did several commercials before landing a guest appearance on the television show "Valerie" (which you probably know as "The Hogan Family", which was what they named the show later). Now a hot dog commercial, and ad for "Sizzlers" (which netted her a free dog as well), and an appearance on a major network television show are not bad for a four year old. But things continued to go up from there.

Producers Miller and Boyett had seen Jodie's performance on "Valerie" and decided to write a part for her in their brand new sitcom, which was to be called "Full House". On "Full House" she played the middle daughter "Stephanie". She was only five years old when the show began. Unfortunately, Jodie never seemed to get as much screen time as the other characters, at least not until the last two seasons. Full House had a rather large cast of regular characters (there were ten of them once they finalized the cast). The writers didn't seem to want to center many of the storylines around Jodie, at least not with several professional comedians, a hot chick, a two teenage girls, and a baby or two to pick from). But Jodie got a lot of screen time in the final two seasons, as she was finally becoming a teenager, and was therefore more interesting to the target audience. By this point Candace Cameron had become really boring (even Kimmy Gibbler was more interesting than Candace Cameron), and the Olsen Twins had grown up enough where they were not terribly cute anymore, so more and more of the plot began to revolve around Jodie. But sadly the show was cancelled in 1995, just when Jodie's character was really starting to develop.

Jodie was thirteen years old (and in 9th grade, yes she was a year ahead), when Full House was cancelled. She decided to concentrate on high school rather than getting back into acting right away. I wouldn't blame her, she had her first kiss on camera, growing up on the set of Full House would probably make anyone long for a normal life. And a normal life is basically what she has had since then. Well almost normal, Jodie says that people have always picked on her because she was on Full House, although not as much anymore, since she is being recognized less and less as she gets older.

She graduated high school at the age of seventeen (getting a 1200 on her SATs), and has since went on to college. She is currently attending Chapman University, where she is living the life on a normal young woman. According the research I did (reading various weblogs of Chapman University students), she is a little quiet, but very nice. Most of the girls from Chapman however did not have many nice things to say about her, one girl called her a "drunk slut" (which probably means she has slept with at least one guy). The guys of Chapman don't seem to be nearly as jealous of her though, and say she is "very hard to get a date with" (which doesn't quite mesh with the "drunk slut" stories that the women of Chapman like to tell).

Jodie currently lives in the dorms at Chapman, she has a roommate, and a steady boyfriend. She smokes Marlboros, and is smart enough to choose an email password besides her dogs name.

Update Thursday, December 26, 2002

Jodie was recently married and is pregnant. Sources indicate that they didn't exactly happen in the "proper" order.

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