Now, I am not normally skittish about new technology, but this news story made me stop and embrace my inner Luddite. See, I don't think we should be making technology that will have the capacity to consume us like a blue plate special.

Seems that some crafty Japanese scientist types working at Panasonic's Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, bored from long hours of puzzling over Godzilla's genome, created a device that can produce electricity by consuming blood glucose, using an enzyme capable of stripping it of its electrons. Human blood glucose. Like the stuff that's in your brain right now.

As I learned in high school biology, the human body produces energy by converting glucose to ATP, also known as glycolysis. Glucose is the major sugar in the blood, and the most easily metabolized by human mitochondria. So your blood is chock full of glucose.

If 100% of the sugar present in your blood was catalyzed by this new device, an average sized person could produce enough energy to power a 100 watt light bulb for as long as sugar was available. But you would starve to death in a very nasty way in about an hour.

What do the scientists hope to do with this new generator? They envision it as a power source for implanted devices, like pacemakers, or even eventually nanorobotics. Sugar fed robots are also a possibility.

Or you could build a massive army of killer bloodsucking robots that need sweet, sweet human flesh to live.

Whatever pays the bills.

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