Formed around 1988, Vampire Rodents are considered an industrial band. The band, consisting of core members Victor Wulf (piano and synthesizers), Anton Rathausen (Vocals and Guitars), Daniel Vahnke (composition and sampling), and Jing Laoshu (percussion), combined the styles of Rock, Jazz and Classical with the distorted electronic sounds and heavy beats of Industrial to create an unprecedented style of music.

The last two albums released by the band featured a large amount of industrial alumni as guest vocalists and musicians, including Jared Louche (Chemlab, Jared Louche and the Aliens, Pigface), Eric Powell (16 Volt and Hellbent), Seibold (Hate Dept) and Maria Azevedo (Battery), to name a few.

Their music releases are as follows:

War Music 1998 Premonition
Lullaby Land 1994 Re-Constriction
Clockseed 1995 Cargo Records
Gravity's Rim 1996 Fifth-Column

Music by the band also appeared on numerous compilations, not limited to but including: Cyberflesh Conspiracy, Thugs 'N' Kisses, Fascist Communist Revolutionaries, America the Beautiful, Vampire Themes, Black Bible, and This is Goth.

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