Discography, all from Fifth Colvmn records except *, which came out from Fifth Colvmn and Metal Blade records:

Ten Ton Pressure(EP) (1990)
Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar * (1993)
Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar (XXX artwork version) (1993)
Magnetic Field Remixes * (includes Ten Ton Pressure) (1994 )
East Side Militia * (1996)
Exile on Mainline * (promo item) (1996)
Electric Molecular (single) (1997)

In addition, there are rumors of a Chemlab reunion.

Chemlab was formed by Jared Hendrickson and Dylan Thomas Moore in the late 80s and released their first EP, Ten Ton Pressure, in 1990. They toured with Nine Inch Nails in 1990, but to be fair they sound little like NIN and were probably more comparable to Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and other 80s industrial bands. Jared did not own Fifth Column Records, but he did manage it before it went under. Chemlab broke-up after a disappointing tour with GWAR in 1997. Their record label had gone out of business and the band was massively in debt. Dylan is rumored to be working in the computer industry and has also been rumored to be working on a new project called Powerdrug, Ultradrug, or something to that effect. Jared worked as an investment banker for a while, but the company he was working for ran into some legal problems and he got an offer to go on tour with Pigface. In 1999 he orchastrated a cover album under the name Jared Louche and the Aliens which was released on Pigface's Invisible Records label. He is currently working on a new Chemlab album without Dylan and DJing his own radio show.

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