Every day during crew season, I get up at 4 AM, to row under the Triborough Bridge in the East River.

On two entirely seperate occasions, we have found dead bodies floating face down in the water.

One was fresh.

The other (found by the SUNY Maritime Crew) was.. most definitely not.

The first time we found one was one of those particularly cold, windy Friday mornings, where everybody's a litte tired, drunk, or both. We were coming up on one embankment on the bridge, and I was running them through some pause-the-body-over drills (ironically enough). Coming up on the starboard side was something that looked like a bag of garbage. I told the ports to lighten up so we would avoid it. As we passed, I realized that the garbage was..wearing a shirt. And had hair.

oh shit...

"WEIGH ENOUGH!... bow pair, back it..."

"Um... is that what I think it is?"

"Are you sure it's dead?

"Why don't you poke it...

Suffice it to say, we poked it with an oar. Or..7-seat poked it with his oar. It was a woman, she was dead.

We finished practice as usual.

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