Crew (kr?), n. Zool.

The Manx shearwater.


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Crew (kr?), n. [From older accrue accession, renorcement, hence, company, crew; the first syllable being misunderstood as the indefinite article. See Accrue, Crescent.]


A company of people associated together; an assemblage; a throng.

There a noble crew Of lords and ladies stood on every side. Spenser.

Faithful to whom? to thy rebellious crew? Milton.


The company of seamen who man a ship, vessel, or at; the company belonging to a vessel or a boat.

⇒ The word crew, in law, is ordinarily used as equivalent to ship's company, including master and other officers. When the master and other officers are excluded, the context always shows it.

Story. Burrill.


In an extended sense, any small body of men associated for a purpose; a gang; as Naut., the carpenter's crew; the boatswain's crew.

Syn. -- Company; band; gang; horde; mob; herd; throng; party.


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Crew (kr?),

imp. of Crow



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