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Dust The Movie
Ham&Ox Productions 97'/98'

Written by: Arron Winteringham
Directed by: Arron Winteringham
Produced by: Arron Winteringham/Jordon Willox (Hence the Ham&Ox Productions)

Note: The cast, crew and musicians all worked together, even after their titles in the cast. This was a independent film, and the number of people involved was small. They were all high school students. More on that later.
Also, to clear up some confusion now. 'Dust: The movie' (yes a request to change the node name has been sent) is symbolic. Dust being another name for the drug cocaine.

Dust was written by Aaron Winteringham in elementary school as a school project about 'kids against drugs' if I remember correctly. In his senior year in high school, he and his best friend Jordon Willox (who had been taking a television production course together) decided to try their hand at turning the story into a script and make it a short film.

Set your goals small and they will grow. This small project quickly turned into a school year of firsts for both Aaron, Jordon and anybody who wanted to get involved with the proect, myself included.

Granted $10,000 in funds for the production (after many months of selling the script) the small independant project started to take off. There was only one small catch. All of the cast and crew had to be of the age 18 and UNDER. Now how often do we hear something like that!

What a better place to look for such candidates. Victoria School of Visual and Preforming Arts (Western Canada's only K-12 arts-based school, located in Edmonton, Alberta). This school is five schools in one, really: the schools of Art, Dance, Music, Tevevision and Radio and Drama. The studentss jumped on the band wagon with excitement. Everything about Dust is original. Including the music.

The story itself gives off the same type of feeling that 'Kids' does, though it looks on the reality of drugs, rather than sex. Dust tells the kids version of the drug circles that form in any school setting. One of those 'take your parents by the shoulders and shake them', this is the real reality type of movies.

As I took part in the production, both before and behind the camera I wanted to take this time and reflect on my past, and tell others about how talented some of the younger generation of this world is. This is also my way to say thanks to them, for the memories, making my mark in remembrance of them.

Below are the credits of the cast, crew and music production. May their talents from high school take them far in life. Hopefully I will see these names in Hollywood one day.


"Toby" - Christopher Pearce
"Coke" - Kolin Krokis
"Ilia" - Amy Boudreau
"Jorgio" - David Daw
"Blue" - Claudia Witts
"Robyn" - Karyn Hatton
"Erin" - Debby Himmel
"Possum" - Adam Rachinsky
"Dogg" - Jeremy Bogner
"Tami" - Stephanie Anders
"Shakespeare" - Tyler Coe
"Reese" - Tom Schlodder
"Mike" - Robert Smale
"Bobbi" - Letisha Nielson
"Malicious" - Nicole Schindelha
"Genna" - Stephanie Fox
"Sammy" - Trina Harrison
"Ronny" - Liam Crotty
"Jordan" - Geoff Rieck
"Teacher" - Alan Wood
"Uncle" - Aaron Pawlowier
"Anjo" - Kevin Green
"Kerry" - Ilia Horsburgh

All other bit parts, and extra's were supplied by Victoria School of Visual and Preforming Arts, mostly after school and durring lunch hours.


Writer/Director - Aaron Winteringham
Assistant Director - Geoff Rieck
Director of Photography - Jordan Willox
Head Production Assistant - James Wilson
Production Assistant - Alison Williams
Production Designer - Chelsea McFadzen
Editor - Jordon Willox
Assistant Editor - Geoff Rieck
Assistant Editor - Aaron Winteringham
Acting Advisor - Hong Man Si
Script Consultant - Ilia Horslourgh
Continuity - Bryan Partington
Make up - Vanessa Higgins
Make up - Ryan Engley
Make up Assistant - Ilia Horsburgh
Make up Assistant - April Dean
Make up Assistant - Alison Williams
Make up Assistant - Jennifer Winteringham
Hair - Amber Salmond
Hair - Ilia Horsburgh
Hair - Vanessa Higgins
Craft Services - Kristine Wry
Craft Services - Ivy Winteringham
Craft Services - Terry Willox
Stunt Coordinator - Robert Smale
Credit Sequence - Tyler Bill
Credit Sequence - Jeff Capogreco
Boom Oporator - Kim Belrose
Boom Oporator - Tom Schlodder
White Balance Guy - Jeremy Bogner
Light Design - Darrell Winwood
Propaganda - Lara Berr
Still Photography - Eric Wood
Production Assistant - Ivy Winteringham
Stress Relief - Kristy Hussel
Victoria School of Visual and Preforming Arts for supplying the students, and a large space of the location for shooting


Techno - Industrial Music
Composed and arranged by,
Perpetual Music Machine

Ballads Recorded and Engineered by
Brad Smith

Ballad Artists
- Michelle Beudreau
- Nicole Devine
- Emily Dykes
- Karyn Hatton
- Alexis Billyard

Preformed by,
Ants On A Log

"109st Blues"
Written and Preformed by,
Adam Rachinsky & David Daw

Bonus Tracks From
Ants On A Log
The Bell Jar Blues Band

Kudos to all these people who put their time and effort into the late nights, long days and irritable moodswings had by some.

Though the movie itself did not go far, it did get spotlighted in Edmonton's Fringe Festival in the summer of 1999. That in itself made it all worth it.

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