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This is a form of dinghy racing that is extremely fun and action packed.
A race consists of 2 teams of 3 boats each, and the aim is for your team to come in higher places in the opposition. Add the scores (First place=1, Last place=6) and the team with the lowest score wins.

The fun of the racing comes from knowledge of sailing rules. You manoeuvre your boat so that it slows the opposition boat allowing your team mate to overtake you both, thus gaining a position. Therefore it is possible on any leg for a losing team to convert to a winning team. This can happen many times on any leg.

The excitement comes from knowing the rules you can use, and using 'em to kill the other team before they kill you. Communication between team members is essential - "Take them out, I'm coming!", as is knowing what is happenning all the time. Does wonders for your driving as well.

Taking part in this sport builds teamwork, communication, and personal confidence. Size matters not, only skill counts. Wiping out your coach just before the finish is emmensely satisfying.

If any rule infringements are made (or you cause the opposition to infringe a rule), a boat has to turn 360 degrees and then continue. Umpiring occurs on the water from a powerboat nearby.

If you like competetive sailing, you'll love team racing.

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