One definition is a sound that is produced by one object striking another. Percussion instruments are musical instruments that produce sound in this manner. There are two types: ones that have a vibrating membrane (i.e., a drum head), and ones in which the whole object vibrates, such as claves, cymbals, mallet percussion instruments, steel pans, and brake drums. Dr. Zero is using a primitive form of drumspeak to describe percussive sounds.

One of the sections of the orchestra.
Led by a principal percussionist, who is a usually a mallet player or a tympanist, but can also be expert in the membranophones. The Principal is the boss and gets the choice of instrument when the librarian delivers the parts.

The Percussion Section consists of three to five (sometimes more) people and is supported on tour by a large truck.

The Percussion Section often go drinking with the Brass Section, and laugh at the Babycham-drinking Woodwind and String sections.

Everyone knows, in their heart of hearts, that the other sections exist merely to support the Percussion.

Percussionists tend to have strong wrists and biceps (from too many paradiddle exercies, and lugging all that heavy artillery around).

Most percussionists join the section because, damnit, they want to be heard.

Per*cus"sion (?), n. [L. percussio: cf. F. percussion. See Percuss.]


The act of percussing, or striking one body against another; forcible collision, esp. such as gives a sound or report.

Sir I. Newton.


Hence: The effect of violent collision; vibratory shock; impression of sound on the ear.

The thunderlike percussion of thy sounds. Shak.

3. Med.

The act of tapping or striking the surface of the body in order to learn the condition of the parts beneath by the sound emitted or the sensation imparted to the fingers. Percussion is said to be immediate if the blow is directly upon the body; if some interventing substance, as a pleximeter, is, used, it is called mediate.

Center of percussion. See under Center. -- Percussion bullet, a bullet containing a substance which is exploded by percussion; an explosive bullet. -- Percussion cap, a small copper cap or cup, containing fulminating powder, and used with a percussion lock to explode gunpowder. -- Percussion fuze. See under Fuze. -- Percussion lock, the lock of a gun that is fired by percussion upon fulminating powder. -- Percussion match, a match which ignites by percussion. -- Percussion powder, powder so composed as to ignite by slight percussion; fulminating powder. -- Percussion sieve, Percussion table, a machine for sorting ores by agitation in running water.


© Webster 1913.

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