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Members: 1

Intstruments: 8

Date of Creation: 02/20/00

Number of Albums: 1

A-Recluse is a Newberg-based one-man band. Though no-one knows the name of the one member who truly creates the music, he is symbolized by a black leather-like mask with no mouth and a zipper in the back. He is also recognized by an "R" with the three electrons science symbol around it.

Though his name remains a mystery, it has been found out that A-Recluse resides in Hillsboro, OR, and attends or has attended Newberg High School. He also is a supposed specialist at playing the drum set.

A-Recluse's name is very fitting, much like the black mask he frequents. The significance of Recluse is that no-one knows who he is, except, I suspect the people that he works with to record.

A-Recluse's style varies and is as unique as the titles he has picked for his songs. On his first CD titled: Technotic Revelations, his songs include Techno, Rock, Rhythmic, Latin, Jazz, and Ambient percussion. Aside from the fact that not only is the CD created by entirely one man, it was also created with MTV Music Generator. The track list is below:

Technotic Revelations

         Track Title:                    Track Time:

Though the CD has not been fully released yet, you can hear samples of the music via e-mail from me at:


Enjoy. And yes, I got this information because I know who A-Recluse is. You don't though!!!

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