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Babycham is (or was -- I have no idea if they still make it) a mildly alcoholic drink called 'perry' a sparkling cider type of thing made from pears, and was supposed to taste like champagne.

It came in tiny bottles with pictures of a cute, leaping bambi-like dear with a blue ribbon tied in a bow around its neck. It was a very 'girly' drink, and if one was feeling especially daring (and rich) one would buy a Brandy and Babycham. Very popular in the 60's and early 70's it was falling out of favour towards the end of the decade.

In the mid 80's, the manufacturers, Showerings, launched a series of ads designed to bring Babycham back into fashion. The most memorable of these showed a group of rather ineffectual, upper-class people going into a crowded sweaty club. They reach the bar, and are asked for their order. One replies "I'd love a Babycham". Sounds as of a scratching on a vinyl record, then silence. Every head in the place turns to them. Camera pans to a shot of a huge, bald, rather scary looking black guy. "Hey," he says, "I'd love a Babycham." Huge sigh of relief, and suddenly the whole seething mass of humanity is merrily ordering Babycham.

It didn't work, probably because the ad was much better than the drink.

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