Catatonia as stated by the American Heritage Dictionary Third Edition is:
An abnormal condition most often associated with schizophrenia and variously marked by stupor, mania, and either rigidity or extreme flexibility of the limbs.

Catatonia is also a Welsh Pop/Rock band. It features the lead singer Cerys Matthews. Unlike most British bands that release music in the Americas Catatonia has a female singer. She also has done a song with Tom Jones.
Catatonia has been popular and quite large in the United Kingdom. Catatonia has recently released their new CD Equally Cursed and Blessed in the United States. The CD is quite good if you ask me. Catatonia has been compared to Hole. This was in Details magazine though. I don't have a Hole CD yet so I wouldn't know. I do recommend you at least download an MP3 of them. Recommended Songs: Mulder and Scully, Road Rage, I am the Mob, Game On, Karaoke Queen, Londinium, and Dead from the Waist Down.Equally Cursed and Blessed contains these enchanting songs:

  1. Dead from the Waist Down
  2. Londinium
  3. Post Script
  4. She's a Millionaire
  5. Storm the Palace
  6. Karaoke Queen
  7. Bulimic Beats
  8. Valerian
  9. Shoot the Messenger
  10. Nothing Hurts
  11. Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised
  12. Road Rage
  13. Mulder and Scully

  14. The Ballad of Tom Jones is a song that Cerys Matthews did with another British band Space.
catatonia (adjective, catatonic): a psychiatric syndrome of being immobile and unresponsive to sensory stimuli, but not unaware of them.

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Former Welsh band (they broke up on 21 September 2001, shortly after lead singer Cerys Matthews's substance abuse problem was thought to have been brought under control. Other members included Mark Roberts (guitar and vocals), Owen (guitar), Paul Jones (guitar) and Aled Richards (drums). Matthews and Roberts also cowrote their songs.

I would recommend you listen to them in chronological order or get International Velvet first.

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