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DuckCow of The Sacred Order of DuckCow, in its natural habitat. (Ok, so there was a duck and ducklings wandering along a busy street and i took a picture of it)

i got my CCNA on 03-26-2001! =)

Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. --Albert Einstein

dem bones [ @ ] is a little insane

Email address:
Webpage: If i'm online. And have updated the DNS. If it doesn't work, i would suggest losing all hope for humanity.
AIM: H110Hawk
ICQ: IsAToolOfTheDevil
Snail Mail: DuckCow/PO Box 312/Claremont/CA/91711-0312

If anyone has spare computers or parts i will gladly take them off your hands. Anything 486DX and above is fine by me :)
Send me a postcard, and i'll try and get one back to you. Bwahahha, i actually sent some out. I don't know if anyone got them though. I am ESTJ. I enjoy Long walks on the beach. Mildy intelligent conversation, people who have hopes and dreams, people who stand by what they believe, and such.

I'm a freshman in college right now, and my major is computer science.

I enjoy a challenge, like computers, programming, and playing with peoples minds.

The other day my dad complimented me on how manipulative i am. It really made my day. And it really pissed him off that it made my day. =)

chatterbox quotes i found insanely funny for no apparent reason
  • * moJoe gets naked and coats his quivering flesh with room temperature tapioca pudding.
  • * moJoe sneezes diabolically.
  • <hramyaegr> is a heavily trafficked group | <moJoe> HUSH | <alex.tan> hmm... interesting sounding newsgroup ...
  • <dannye> OK, someone give me the best Spanish translation for this: "Tonight, I will require the special lubricant."
  • <dem bones> I think my highest rated node involved killing several of you... <dem bones> Whoops...nope, that's my second highest
  • <Jet-Poop> If I know cats, it's doing something evil. Probably plotting. Cats is bad. If they could get their paws around a trigger, we'd all be dead.
  • <Chihuahua Grub> thefez needs to stop sending in the change of address forms for his secret hideouts...
  • <lawnjart> I leveled and DIDNT MEAN TO! I deleted the stupid sparkmatch thing i added to, but I AM STILL LEVEL 3! grrrrrrrr! i was saving myself, but then i got drunk and...
  • (Well, a MSG) Byzantine says My comment is that I am entirely too drunk to comment.

And now...#everything quotes...
  • *** nine9 ( has joined #everything | <wuukiee> hm its back now | <nine9> what!?
  • <sgs> I wouldn't use SPAM either, might have some nasty sideeffects | <godling> you know the jelly you scrape off of spam? | <godling> just that | <akasha> i like spam
  • <Xamot> yay! for beatings!
  • <jp> I am just pissed at the lamers who think i sit around talking about my ass all day or something | <jp> CAUSE I HAVE TITS TOO DONTCHA KNOW
  • [22:03] <Eraser_> bleh, i need sex so i can copy down these node titles. | [22:03] <templegirly> that has to be THE weirdest statement I've heard tonight | [22:03] <templegirly> course it's late, but, damn
  • [22:18] <jaybonci> must...not...firmlink...iterative to iterative

Not #everything, but still IRC...

    *Sniff*Sniff* it just makes me feel all warm inside...

In a message with Devon!
[00:52] <Eraser_> you know MySQL?
[00:52] <Devon> Nope. That'd be the g/f.
[00:52] <Devon> And she's in bed. Sorry. :)
[00:52] <Eraser_> WAKE HER UP
[00:53] <Eraser_> offer her oral sex in exchange for helping me
[00:53] <Devon> Heh!
[00:53] <Devon> She says, "Whuh?"
[00:53] <Eraser_> if you won't do it i will
[00:53] <Eraser_> whats your phone number?
[00:53] <Devon> Heh!
[00:53] <Devon> Dude. She's asleep. Seriously. Work in a few hours.
[00:54] <Eraser_> BAH!
[00:54] <Eraser_> "work"
[00:54] <Eraser_> this is for work too!
[00:54] <Devon> Hehe! She says, "I'll try to help im tomorrow."
[00:55] <Eraser_> you woke her up?
[00:55] <Eraser_> did you at least offer her oral sex?
[00:55] <Eraser_> (and what is her handle?)
[00:56] <Devon> Hehe! She said she'll get a hold of you tomorrow. She doesn't want her privacy invaded, she says.:P
[00:57] <Devon> (She's a new noder, and not comfortable w/everyone)
[00:57] <Eraser_> heheh
[00:57] <Eraser_> give her my email addy and or my e2 username
[00:57] <Devon> Yeah, I said:
[00:57] <Devon> "Hon, there's a guy on IRC that wants me to give you oral sex."
[00:58] <Devon> She was like, "Uh...wha?"

I think i would pay money to have kamamer's homenode printed onto a scroll. (Well no, but i still find it insanely funny)

Hrm, it seems like the popular, trendy thing to do, so heres my noder hit list, in a very determined and set in jello kind of order meant to make you all fight amongst yourselves for a higher spot:
  1. moJoe
  2. Hamster Bong
  3. Byzantine
  4. Templeton
  5. booyaa
  6. xdijo
  7. VirtualWolf

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