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British Sitcom revolving around the lives of 3 dazed and confused flatsharing angst-ridden twentysomethings living in London. Mandy is a shopaholic, Man Mad and a pushover. Martin is a timid, ginger bank clerk. Matthew hasn't left the flat since his parents died.

This may sound like a recipe for doom and gloom, but this show is very funny while making you sit up and take notice of the problems these guys have. Matthew bullies Martin constantly, Mandy falls in and out of love and Martin's life is always falling apart.


Memorable lines: "Martin you ginger tosser, make me a cup of tea", "I'm a double hard bastard, me", "You mad cow!" and "Tea Martin, now, at once. It's urgent"

Noder's note: This series helped me when I was intensely agoraphobic after a serious road accident. I am also "ginger" to a lesser extent, and this show made me less uptight about it.

This is also the title of a song by Catatonia, on the International Velvet album. Although I'm just a bloody American, so I can't say for certain, I'd wager that the song is inspired by the programme mentioned in dizzy's writeup.

Lyrics used to be here but are (temporarily) deleted.

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