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Francisco Scaramanga was the enigmatic Man with the Golden Gun, from the film of the same name. He was played by Christopher Lee.

His butler was named Nick Nack.

As others have mentioned, Scaramanga lived on an island off the coast of China, had a third nipple, was an assassin for hire, and was obsessed with killing James Bond, going so far as to have a mannequin that was identical to Bond in the maze where he practiced and committed assassinations.

He charged one million dollars for an assassination, and killed each victim with a custom-made golden bullet with his target's name inscribed on it, fired from his unique gun, which seperated into a cigarette lighter, a pen, a cigarette case, and a cufflink, all made of gold. The idea behind the golden bullets and the names on them was that Scaramanga only needed one shot to kill his target, so he could kill them with a unique, personalized bullet.

He was known throughout his career as a threat to MI6, but he became a personal enemy of the intelligence agency when he killed their agent 004 in India.

Scaramanga sent one of his gold bullets, with James Bond's name on it, as a message to Bond - to explain that Bond was his next target. However, the first time he fired a bullet at Bond, outside a nightclub in Kowloon, he appeared to fail. This turned out to be a ruse, though, since the man whom the bullet struck, standing near Bond, was Scaramanga's real target.

At one point, James Bond impersonated Scaramanga, by attaching a prosthetic nipple to his chest. He went shirtless at the pool at gangster Hai Fat's estate, and people assumed he was Scaramanga, since he appeared to have three nipples, and few people knew what the real Scaramanga looked like.

Eventually, the Man with the Golden Gun fought Bond in the maze of optical illusions where Scaramanga always trapped his victims. Bond outfought Scaramanga, though, and the assassin was finally defeated when he mistook his mannequin of Bond for the man himself - Bond had switched his own Walther pistol for the Golden Gun that the mannequin held, and shot Scaramanga with his own weapon.

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