An adult late-night TV comedy series about clueless, recently-divorced book editor Martin Tupper (played by Brian Benben) and his never-ending quest for love (or mostly sex). It aired, mostly on early-morning cable, from 1990 to 1996, although reruns can still be found.

Martin was raised on a steady diet of 50's era sitcoms and old movies, and the series interjects clips of these at appropriate points (usually to show what's on Martin's slightly warped mind).

Despite the unending succession of one-night stands (in an amazing variety of situations, like one where he tries to out-lesbian his date's lesbian ex-girlfriend, or the one where he finds himself in a menage-a-trois with his best friend and a hot saleswoman (a guest appearance by Courteney Cox)), as usual, Martin keeps true to his loser lifestyle, and never wins the girl. Martin, however, is still secretly pining for this ex-wife, Judith (Wendie Malick).

The show is definitely not for kids (as partial nudity is found in almost every episode, not to mention rather graphic simulated sex scenes) - we were surprised that a local broadcast station aired it here on early-evening primetime (but was immediately pulled, a couple of weeks later - some dull-witted network exec probably vetted the show without watching an episode).

One of the funniest shows I've seen (even though I'd originally started watching for the T&A), although the adult rating means very few people have ever seen it. A newer equivalent would be HBO's Sex And the City, which owes some of its style to this series.

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