The Tazerfish Project is basically an attempt at pushing the human mind to its limits. Well, it's either that or zapping fish with a tazer. The object of Tazerfish is to zap a fish that moves across your screen. There really isn't any skill involved... you just choose to zap it or not to zap it. When you do zap the digital fish, you're told: "Get a new fish, this one sucks.". I realize that this explanation will prove futile in helping you understand The Tazerfish Project, but then again, damn near everything will. The Tazerfish Project can be found at:

Back in the day when the web was cool there was a new program named Netscape. It had the fabled meta tag that allowed pull pages. One of the most famous of these was "The Amazing Fish Cam".

So, one day, one of the lab junkies was sitting there watching it. The lab had just acquired the parts of a VAX and there was a huge power supply just sitting there (our faculty advisor was on sabbatical and couldn't say "Get that junk out of here" until he came back from Berkeley). This lab guy looked at the UPL-cam, the VAX power supply, and The Amazing Fish Cam. From that point forward he was no longer allowed to own a fish or bring more liquid than can fit into a Mountain Dew can. But he did write a cgi and is partially responsible for /dev/bomb and /goat.

The Tazerfish Project features a goldfish swimming across the screen. This even works in lynx, though you have to push the fish. You can select at any time to tazer the fish. The highlight of this is seeing a page a dead fish on it and the immortal words: Get a new fish, this one sucks.

P.S. Its not a real fish.

Yes, I was there at the time.

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