A massive, speed-and-ecstasy-induced happy hardcore single released in November 1994 by German techno outfit Scooter, Hyper Hyper (or Hyper! Hyper!) sold over 700,000 copies in Germany before conquering most of the European charts and going multiple platinum. Scooter became stars almost overnight, and the phrase 'Hyper Hyper' apparently entered the rave scene for a while as a superlative. "How are you feeling, man?" "Hyper Hyper, man, got any Vaporub?"

The single itself, from the album And The Beat Goes On sounds very dated now when compared to modern progressive and euphoric house music, and features Scooter's H.P. Baxxter shouting inanities such as "Excuse me! Where is the bass drum? We need the bass drum!", "Do you like it hardcore? We need the hardcore! Come on! Come on! Come on!", and, of course, "Hyper Hyper!" (repeat until psychotic). The beat is very fast and bouncy, and if you can ignore Baxxter's voice (almost impossible), there is actually quite an exciting feel to it. You can imagine it becoming a summer anthem in places like Ibiza and Ayia Napa, which makes me wonder why the band decided to release it in winter.

If you liked this single (there's no accounting for taste, after all), you may also like other classic Scooter tracks, such as Move Your Ass!, Our Happy Hardcore, This Is A Monstertune, and the aptly titled I'm Raving. Perfect for those long, dark winter months when all you really want to do is curl up in front of the fire with your limbs and eyelids twitching frantically.

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