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Remember when life was this much fun?


This is the best I can do with the tools available. Because bgcolor is not an allowable tag on E2, the dark squares are distinguished by an extra contained table and border. If you have suggestions for improvement of this, let me know by /msg please or show me in your scratch pad. The current code is in my scratch pad called Ascii Board. I will be updating all my chess writeups gradually with this improved board, for no reward. Call it a labour of love.



when i am tired i do not know who i am and

and i was supposed to stop believing in silly things when i got older

but sorry i am sorry i only got bigger not older

Any man can handle adversity. If you want to test his character, give him power.
- Abraham Lincoln

I have discovered for myself that the old human and animal life, indeed the entire prehistory and past of all sentient being, works on, loves on, hates on, thinks on in me.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Even when you were at your most miserable and losing at a poker table, you were happier then your happiest at work"
- my friend Ricky

Sometimes I'm on /CHATTEROFF, usually if I'm in a strange mood and more likely than usual to get into stupid fights. If you want to talk, send me a /msg.


"May not the habit in scientific pursuits of believing nothing till it is proved, influence your mind too much in other things which cannot be proved in the same way, & which if true are likely to be above our comprehension."

- Emma Darwin, in a letter to her husband Charles
Those who know me have no need of my name

I like to write, and read, all kinds of things, but I have a particular love for poetry. If you think you've got a good poem on here, and you feel it deserves a C! or at the very least an upvote, /msg me a link. Poetry can sometimes get a hard time here.

I don't make lists of people I like or writers I think you should read. E2 is enough of a popularity contest already, and lists are by nature far more about exclusion than inclusion.

And one day we will die
and our ashes will fly
from the aeroplane over the sea

But for now we are young
let us lay in the sun
and count every beautiful thing we can see


What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
that is circling all round the sun

And when we meet on a cloud
I'll be laughing out loud
I'll be laughing with everyone I see -

Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all

from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

it all started off as a game and now it's gotten so serious and i'm sorry and i do wish it was still a game but i don't know how to go back and i'm scared but i'm excited too and oh oh oh can you remember that silly-serious silent white light from so long ago, that's what i wish for you, and me, and me, and me

I am not objective and I am not sorry.

This whole tower of knowledge is built on shifting sand.

4 years, 124 days, 4 hours, 33 minutes, 1 second.
That is how long it takes to come full circle.


In No Specific Order

DISCLAIMER: Lists are subject to constant update as I discover new things, remember old stuff I had forgotten, change my mind about things, or generally fail to do this in any consistent way. The only real purpose is to help people discover things that I thought were cool.

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