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[In the Pagan Year] the WINTER SOLSTICE is a day or period of days in the winter when the days are shortest (light) and the nights longest (darkness prevails). This is usually a time in their festivities of drunkenness, revelry and debauchery (perversion), and I must say, that spirit is no different in the world we live today.

- Shamelessly detourned from www.jesus-is-lord.com

Now, if that doesn't sound like an excuse for a nodermeet, what does?


Do you live in Melbourne? YOU.
Do you live in Victoria? There's trains, dammit.
Do you live in Australia? Well, domestic flights are getting cheaper...
None of the above? Ermm... If you don't show, that's okay. This time.


Saturday, June 19, 2004, from 3pm. It's over. Pictures can be found here


Festivities to kick off at the supergroovy Great Britain Hotel in Richmond. The pub is furnished with scads of funky old couches, and sports a beer garden just in case the sun comes out (stop laughing, it could happen!). In the cellar is a refreshingly dingy bar-booth-n-dancefloor arrangement, which opens late at night for all your cheesy house beat requirements. Beer drinkers are urged to sample the famous house brew, Piss Lager.

For those peckish souls wanting dinner, there are ample possibilities, depending on the mood of the afternoon. Richmond is full of restaurants, all within walking distance. The GB also does great pizza, should a few hours of alcoholic delight undermine the possibility of the "walking" bit.


This is what you're aiming at:
    The Great Britain Hotel
    447 Church Street
    (corner of Church and Lesney St.)

    Melways reference: Map 2G K10

    Visual reference: It's a big grey building with "GB" on it.

  • The number 70 tram runs from Flinders Street in the city centre. Ride it to Swan Street, Richmond, and get off at the Church Street corner. (If you're from out of town, don't be afraid to ask the Friendly And Courteous Tram Driver which stop is yours.) Turn right and it's about 100 metres down Church Street.

  • Alternatively, you can take a train to East Richmond station. Catch a Lilydale, Belgrave, Alamein, or Glen Waverley line train - be careful, some trains run express past East Richmond, so make sure you board the right one. Again, it's a short walk from there: the map on the station platform will steer you right.

  • A taxi from the city will only cost you about $10.

  • If anyone ventures in from interstate (or, god help us, overseas), tWD and I will be happy to ferry you from the airport - just let me know beforehand.

  • Lost? No need to feel down! The gracious La petite mort and I both have mobiles and will be available for harassment on the day. To get the number please /msg either her or myself, and we'll let you in on the secret.
    At a pinch, the GB itself can be reached on 9429 5066.


There's a bunch of accommodation to be found in Melbourne, from spanky five-star hotels to backpacker hostels. Oh, all right then: there is limited couch and floor space available at our house. If you'd like to pass out on our carpet, please let us know well in advance. We have cats, so if you have an allergy, be warned.

Offers of accommodation from other Melbourne noders are welcome. Any developments in that area will be added here.

teos has graciously offered floor/couch accomodation for one or so people if necessary (thank you teos!!)


To flag your interest (or otherwise) in this bold venture, /msg heppigirl at your earliest convenience. Here are the brave noders who have already done so:

    Thinking, thinking...


  • esapersona says Rar!! I wish I were an east-coaster =( I'm in Perth
  • Taliesin's Muse says Godsdammit. Red Pawn and I won't make it, due to being in sydney that weekend. Damn, damn, damn.
  • avalyn unfortunately can't make it, but seeing as he is in New Orleans, I think we'll forgive him :)
  • Orpheum would love to come but he's saving for an overseas adventure
  • Timeshredder says well, I'd love to go, but there's a rather large ditch between us. Have fun.
  • Augustine says I can't come to the nodermeet, but I talked to John Stamos, and I told him I'd hurt his family if he didn't stop by, so he will be. When he arrives, please punch him in the face for making phone company commercials and a bad action flick in 1986 called "Never Too Young to Die." Then make a reference to Uncle Jessie and the Rippers and send his sorry ass home. Call it simultaneous free entertainment and a gift to global society, courtesy of Augustine.
  • Impartial says No nodermeet for me, the buffycon isn't tell two weeks later. And James is hotter than all o'you naked and covered in oil. Sorry!
  • sneff says I'm mighty sad to say this, but I'm not gonna be able to get there. Say Ola to all and sundry for me. Make it a big one.
  • Ouroboros wishes he could be in presence.
  • Habakkuk says Well, turns out to be about a month two late for me to attend the meet, but sounds like a blast. Perhaps next year.
  • Myrkabah says Funny. I think to myself: "Gee, I wish there was a nodermeet near me." Then you have to have one: IN AUSTRALIA! It's as is the universe enjoys keeping me a physically far from noders as possible. :grin:
  • wertperch says Yah. I wish!
  • Fruan says Man do I wish I could go.
  • sideways says that's a freakin rock and roll idea heppigirl, but my boss just told me that i can't have time off work.
  • Lord of Nothings is no longer thinking about coming along.

And finally...


Ideas are welcomed for the making of contact with this mob.

Check back here for updates. For breaking news, Oznoders use and recommend the bush telegraph usergroup.
Many many thanks go out to la petite mort for all her help in the planning of this venture, and to tWD for all his ideas and help with this project and WU. I vow to be your slave for a week :)

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