A Springfest Housewarming Nodermeet:
Or How my little Dutch boy turned blue

At the turn of the century, a bright spark decided to link Sydney's two best beaches by rail. In true Australian fashion, the railway was never quite finished and one beach became the home of Sydney's sewerage outlet and the other got an oil refinery. But never mind that.

I am prone to live at the far end of this train line, but it is only one looooong little train journey from the city. I looove bright sparks.

So, it's Spring, we're in a new place big enough for a nodermeet, so here it is. Dirquar will be having his first full experience of the wocean in this his first Spring. And I'm inviting any noders to join us for the experience (a long way from the oil refinery, and even further from Sydney's poo). There is a great surfing beach (well, two actually) in easy walking distance, but we'll be heading to the rock pool closer to us.

When: Sunday, 11 September 2005

Come for a swim: 2pm, for an ocean swim

Stay for the food: 3pm, for more 'civilised' celebrations

Where: Cronulla

Other things: apart from the optional swim early in the afternoon, this will be a typical nodermeet. I'll have some wines and drinks, but if you have special needs, you'll probably have to take care of yourself. Expect lamb and other Spring symbols, including Dirquar, but he's strictly for display purposes only. BYO costume, or skinny dip, it's all good. Anything else? /msg me.

Brave Indians



Well wishers

  • Heisenberg What a pity. He'll be here the week after - /msg him re: 16th or 17th
  • gwenllian post pics of the little boy blue, though, ok? ;) (Okey-ly Dokey-ly)
  • alex
  • The Lush crazy southern hemisphere... spring in september.... honestly... (No, really, it's handy, you can miss whole seasons just by changing hemispheres for 3 months.)
  • The Debutante You know, I'd be there if I could. Photos required :-) (Okey-ly Dokey-ly)
  • La petite mort
  • panamaus
  • heppigirl
  • Think globally, act locally...

MavEtJu says Cool Party!
Mardy says thanks for the link, and the BBQ!

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