Australian Beer Glasses

In the most populous state of New South Wales and the national capital, the Australian Capital Territory, the most regularly ordered measure of beer is the schooner holding 425ml. The smaller middy (285ml) and the larger pint (570ml) are second and third in popularity. The tiny pony (140ml) is a glass your Gran might have her shandy in, and the particularly old-fashioned seven is only consumed by old-timers.

In the country's southern state, Victoria, the schooner is unheard of. Victorians love their pot (285ml) and their pint, while the older folks enjoy their glass (200ml) and Gran enjoys her lady's waist (140ml) or a small beer (170ml) if it be a Saturday.

Over in South Australia, the regulars fronting the bar enjoy a refreshing schooner, or what they call the pint, a kite. Otherwise, one may order a butcher (200ml) or a pony.

The citizens of the enormous state of Western Australia slake their thirsts with a ten (425ml) or a pint. The middy and the glass are also available, joining the bobby (170ml), the pony, and the Shetland pony (115ml).

The proud residents of the island state of Tasmania most often order a ten, although they might also order an eight (225ml), a seven (200ml), or a six (170ml). The small beer and the pint fill out the bar's rich (and refreshing) compliment.

The hardy men and women of the Northern Territory proudly sink more piss than any other Australian. Their favourite is the infamous Darwin stubby (2 litres, or 2000ml!), followed by the schooner, the handle (285ml), and the seven.

Finally, in Queensland, the banana benders enjoy their schooner, pot, glass, beer (200ml), and five (140ml).

New South Wales:

Tooheys - New, Old, Dry


Fosters - Lager, Export, Light Ice
Victoria Bitter
Carlton Cold, Crown Lager



South Australia:

Coopers - Pale Ale, Sparkling Ale, Dark Ale, Draught.
Southwark - Premium Lager, Pale Ale, White, Stout.

Western Australia:

Swan - Draught, Gold
Emu - Bitter, Draught, Export
West End - Export, Gold


Cascade - Premium

I think this may be a Kiwi beer:

Hahn - Premium, Ice

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