The Coopers brewery is located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the only family-owned brewery left in the country.

Many people consider the beer produced by Coopers to be some of, if not THE , best beer in the country. Here is a list of their brewed malt produce:

"Bottle Conditioned" Ales: (the bottles contain traces of yeast sediment to increase the flavour)
* Extra Stout (a strong and tasty black stout)
* Sparkling Ale (a strong and tasty ale)
* Dark Ale (a not-so-strong ale with a dark malt character)
* Coopers Pale Ale|Pale Ale] (a milder yet still potent ale)

"Premium" Ales: (filtered to remove all sediment)
* Premium Ale (a well-rounded, somewhat fruity ale)
* Vintage Ale (specially produced once a year, needs to be cellared for at least one year to get the full flavour)
* Thomas Cooper's Ale (smooth and mild ale, named after brewery founder)
* Old Stout (a fine smooth stout that the brewery cellar for six months before selling)

* Genuine Draft (a crisp, dry lager)
* Light (a low-alcohol lager that is suprisingly drinkable)
* Dry (another crisp, dry lager)
* Birell (an almost alcohol-free beer brewed according to a recipe from a Swiss brewery).

Coopers ales use a special brewing process in which the second part of the brewing occurs in the bottle. This is similar to the fermentation process of Champagne. The residual yeast is a direct product of this process.

The correct way to drink a Coopers ale is to first invert the bottle, allowing the yeast sediment to mix through the beer. Only when this has been done should the beer be opened, allowing you to fully appreciate its great flavour. Should you ever visit South Australia you risk being shunned if you say "eew, look at the crap in my beer!" and try to avoid drinking it.

One of the most amazing things about Coopers is that they have been using the same yeast for nearly 100 years. That is to say, each batch of yeast is derived from the last, so basically the brewery has been using one neverending culture of yeast since the turn of last century. The brewery periodically takes samples of the yeast and stores it in spore form to protect it. The same batch of yeast even continued after a recent factory relocation!

Coopers beer is also brewed using only the essential ingredients for producing the beer itself, and no additives or preservatives of any kind (similar to German beers). This supposedly reduced the risk of a bad hangover, although I can produce many witnesses who would claim not enough.

While Coopers main market is South Australia and Australia it can be found overseas and I urge you all to try it. I can confirm through personal experience that it is available in the Australian-themed pub in Edinburgh and in at least one bar in central Paris, as well as various pubs in England.

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