Victoria Bitter, which is actually a lager and not at all a bitter, has a bit of an association with yob culture and is thus looked down on a bit by those with pretensions, which is a pity, because it is a damn fine beer. The fact that it is made by the same blokes who peddle the irredeemably filthy Foster's Lager shouldn't put you off.

An Australian beer, brewed orignally by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) now a part of the Fosters brewing group.

Vb has a very strong hop flavour with a sharp bitter taste and is packaged in either 750ml brown bottles, 375 ml aluminium cans or 375 ml brown glass stubbies.

Victoria Bitter, or VB as it is more commonly known is the quintessential Australian beer, marketed at the working class person. A typical television ad for VB might go as follows:

"You can get it diggin',
You can get it riggin',
Or straining 'till you thought you'd burst.

You've sure got a thirst....

(Insert pictures of big, sweaty, hairy Australian men driving big trucks around a quarry, and their mates smeared with grease and oil engaged in other work with said big trucks, contrast with a background of blazing sun, dust and dirt)

"A hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic - Vic Bitter".

...Cut to pictures of same hot, sweaty Aussie blokes drinking big glasses of cold, foamy beer. Hmmm... Beer...1

"You can get it drivin',
You can get it strivin',
You can get it any old how...

Matter of fact, I got it now!"

1: (No self-respecting Aussie male would be seen drinking Vb from a glass on a work site, but we'll ignore that because drinking straight from the bottle looks a little too uncouth)

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