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A garment often worn in wrestling and other some other sports; usually made of spandex. A singlet can cover the legs like shorts, or have more of a speedo style. It may come up around the chest and lower back with either one or two should straps.

In professional wrestling (ie. Sports Entertainment) the singlet is often used to cover up a large gut or less than athletic physique.

When considering the combined state of two spin-1/2 particles, they can have a total spin of either one (if the spins are aligned) or zero (if the spins are anti-aligned). The latter of these possibilities is known as the singlet configuration. The precise quantum state is

1/sqrt(2) (|+-> - |-+>)

using the ket notation, where the first element of the ket represents the z-component of the spin of the first particle, and the second element the z-component of the second particle.

Compare triplet

Sin"glet (?), n.

An unlined or undyed waistcoat; a single garment; -- opposed to doublet.

[Prov. Eng.]


© Webster 1913.

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