Digging can be one of life's highly enjoyable exercises.

It can also suck. It's hot. It's hard, and often tiring. But for the first home owner it is one of the few cheap, inexpensive things, you can with your newfound property. It leads to landscaping, and further gardening, PLUS your partner thinks you are 'doing something worthy' when in actual fact you can, for example, avoiding moving a bookcase.

It's a zen thing. Very medative. Drop the shovel (long handled, of course!). Stamp it in. Scoop out the dirt. Repeat.

There's hours of getting out of other household work, you get to be outside, AND it does wonders for your abs. Why ever attend gym again??

BUT The best bit about the entire hole digging experience is that when it's finished (you'll never finish)your friends will be stunned and amazed (that's if your friends still talk to you, after you're invited them around for the 6th weekend in a row - to dig your hole :)

Dig"ging (?), n.


The act or the place of excavating.

2. pl.

Places where ore is dug; especially, certain localities in California, Australia, and elsewhere, at which gold is obtained.


3. pl.

Region; locality.



© Webster 1913.

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