I found this quote in a write-up about Australia. Believe me it is very true.

This summer I went to Australia with my parents to visit my sister. We rented a car and traveled around Queensland for two weeks. The third night we were there we stayed in this little town called Injun. It was tiny, and there wasn't much to do; however, there was a pub. My sister assured me that every town in Australia, no matter how small, usually had a pub. So we went in search of it. A few minutes later we found this pub/hotel which was about the only building in town along with the cafe/grocery store and the news stand. We walked right in and my sister ordered three XXXX's and an alcoholic cider (for my mom). Being a college student, I am no stranger to drinking alcohol and getting drunk. That night all I drank was that one beer. About half way through the beer my sister started pounding on the table and chanting, "Skull it, skull it." So I did the logical thing and chugged the rest. After I sat my glass down, my mother just looked at me and asked "Do you drink?" To which I replied, "Just a little, mom."

The night was getting late, so we headed to the car (a Holden Commodore). I was feeling tipsy, and had a little trouble walking straight. I thought nothing of it. When we got back to our motel, I crawled in the top bunk and fell fast asleep. Some time later I woke up and had to pee. So I crawled down the ladder, stumbled and nearly fell on my ass. I was woozie, and still drunk. Trust me I am a lightweight; I'm 5'2" and weigh 110 pounds, but I didn't think I had that low of tolerance. It just goes to show Australian beer is stronger than American beer, and it's probably stronger than you think.

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