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A suburban mullet wearer. I hate to admit that I was a semi-bogan once. The first album I ever bought was Akka Dakka's Back in Black, but I never did make it to the fully-fledged mullet and moccasins stage, all I had was a piss-weak rat's tail and acid-wash jeans.

Note that it is impossible to join the ranks of boganhood without owning a pair of acid-wash jeans and a pair of moccasins. Also, the female of the species is not called a bogan - she is called a "mocca-chick", after the stylish yet comfortable footwear.
try explaining the term bogan to someone who has no idea what a bogan is. My words would probably lie along the lines of
Loud obnoxious driver of a loud obnoxious car
which I think is pretty apt, and quite general. A more specific definition would add..
... usually complete with loud (and not always good) stereo. Often found around the main streets in town
The bogans however should not be confused with the boy racers, who generally have much nicer cars, with nicer stereos. Boy Racers are predominatly found showing off their cars, Bogans are doing their own things, burnout parties (when the police dont catch em) and being very relaxed. 'Real' Bogans can be often identified by their grunge type attire

This is not to say however that Bogans are bad, in a way I would have to describe them as somewhere in between Boy Racer and Westie (if you dont know what a westie is, take a look at the New Zealand stand up comedian Ewan Gilmore for a public example.. or poke your head around West Auckland, westies seem to be more commonly without cars however). Previously to the police cracking down on it, burnout parties seemed to be quite common, tho with the drinking laws changing last year all the 18 y.o bogans have dissapeared off to the pub presumably. Also the new bogan pastime seems to be throwing a couch on a trailer (or ute) and carting it out to the beach, carrying the couch down to the beach and sitting there drinking Jack Daniels and Cola out of premix bottles all day. Clocking out at 5pm when the time comes to head back home ready for a night out. Go down and have a look one fine day if you're in christchurch. I will be betting that come summer once again we will find bogans around Marine Parade, on the beach, and especially around sumner.

homo sapiens bogensis is a bipedal mammal native to the outer suburbs and train stations of cities in Australia. It is believed to have evolved from homo sapiens lagernsius or blue-bellied beer sucker, a truck driving species native to the outback.

The bogan can be readily identified by the flannel jacket. The dominant male may wear ugh boots. Females are noticably more circular in shape, and can also be identified by the windcheater tied around the waist. Male, female and immature bogans also have distinctive torso patterning, dependent upon breeding. Common patterns include the "Megadeth" torso pattern and the "Poison" torso pattern.

During mating season both males and females display their cigarette packets prominently, and travel to the local watering hole. Males and females demonstrate maturity through the consumption of distilled alcohol mixed with a sugary, carbonated brown caffeine water particular to the environment. The male calls to the female with the mating call "You fat scrag!".

Outside of mating season bogan males form packs. Packs compete for attention and territory through the use of V8 engines and burnouts in carparks. Packs not competing with other bogan packs for territory may also seek to prey on other species for the use of pool tables and beer taps. Bogans have a few natural predators, notable among them the inner city metalhead, the unstable and the police.


A cigarette within his hand,
A beer upon his lap,
mullet long lies out the back,
Of a faded
VB cap.

The Aussie bogan, ripe and prime.
In natural habitat.
A deck chair on the neighbour's lawn,
Beer belly growing fat.

Endangered now, where once he sat,
Too often he's ejected.
The city folk don't understand,
So bogans feel rejected.

Their culture is misunderstood,
So much more than beer.
footy too, and motor sport,
And horses once a year.

So be a bogan once a week,
And sit out on the lawn,
Grab your mates to have some booze,
And find yourselves some

This is my tribute to the local bogans, (including my brothers), as their continuing contribution to the Aussie fashion and culture is undeniable and is something which I feel aught to be celebrated.

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